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Presentation Coaching

Everytime you say anything to anyone and the results matter -- that’s a presentation. Formal or informal, prepared or spontaneous, presenting ideas effectively, tailoring to your audience, and making complex information memorable are valued skills. Get coached!

  • Present with power and influence
  • Maximize every interaction, meeting, and information exchange
  • Win shortlist interviews
  • Engage clients, colleagues, decision makers
  • Conduct public hearings and community meetings
  • Strengthen team,board, and prospect meetings
  • Deliver dynamic conference presentations

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Leadership Education

If you are on the leadership track, on the path for an executive position, or an entrepreneur building your company’s reputation, you need the varied and vital techniques to advance your career and your company. Required skills range from memorable messaging and “saying the right thing the right way” to team building, advocacy, post-pandemic workspaces and workmodes, efficient meetings, motivational approaches.

  • Learn the “invisible skills” that define leadership
  • Prepare for the next level in your career
  • Demonstrate the potential to be ready to move into leadership role
  • Enhance your current leadership stature

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Business Building

Every day is the best day for every person in your firm, your company, your organization to help grow business. To make this happen, at every level from CEO to young professionals, proactive practices must be comfortable and inplace. Easy-to-acquire and easy-to-implement strategies guide ways to weave business development into everyday-just-doing-your-job.

  • Foster client relationships
  • Encourage new contacts
  • Learn new approaches to networking and visibility
  • Create and implement a realistic and results-driven plan

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Proprietary Techniques

Every communication is a business development opportunity. Strengthen your connections with LXDi's proven, copyrighted techniques.

Fine-Tuned Tactics

LXDi’s fine-tuned tactics will help you influence decision makers by empowering you to present technical and design solutions in an engaging way.

Soft Skills
Soft Skills Strategies

LXDI's soft skills strategies will help you advance into management and leadership plus progress your projects and company.

Select the program that works best for you:

  • Quick hints seminar or ‘Lunch-and-learn’
  • Personal coaching meeting
  • Full-day workshop or coaching seminar
  • Team rehearsal for a specific presentation or interview
  • Prep for conference session or annual meeting or special presentation
  • Half-day interactive training session
  • Multi-session mini-course

Bring your communications proficiency to the next level.

"This program was well organized and valuable for every level in the audience--from a new marketing person to the CEO."


ENR Top 500 firm

"Covered a lot of ground in a short period. Joanne's experience in our industry is a real plus because it grounded theory with real life."

Marketing Principal

ENR Top 100 design firm

"I took your course and I want you to know that the last four interviews I went on, we won every job."

Project Manager

Construction company, Holyoke, MA

"A must attend for anyone involved in presentations (either internally or externally). In short, I think every professional should take this presentations course. Joanne did an exceptional job."

Project Manager

ENR Top 300 company, Sacramento, CA

"Joanne's seminar made a big impression. . . Armed with the information [she] provided, our firm can be intentional about developing a fresh presentation that can better showcase the technical expertise and personalities of our team..."

Business Manager

design firm, Ft Worth

"Joanne has provided classes in making presentations at my firm for more than a decade and is universally revered for the benefits she can provide to both beginners and experienced speakers. She helped my team and me prepare..."

Senior Associate

ENR Top 100 engineering firm

"Excellent instructor for a very difficult topic to teach."

Project Manager

A/E firm, Northern California

"[Joanne's] presentation hit the right message and the steps [the firm's principals] need to follow. I received strong feedback not just about [Joanne's] content, but also how clear [her] delivery was on intangible presentation..."

Marketing Officer

architecture firm, Chicago

"Fantastic [virtual] presentation! Very informative and useful information."

Building industry leader

CMAA national presentation

"This [leadership information] is so great! It rings so true."

Design-professional executive

mid-Atlantic CM firm