The 2018 Genesis course, designed for young professionals with 2-5 years experience, runs during the month of February.  The sold-out course, held at CDM Smith in Boston, features three sessions on topics vital for those just starting out in engineering to learn about the business-side of the profession:  financials and how the firm works, marketing and business development and how a firm gets work, and communication for productive teams.

Courses in leadership education in Massachusetts have oversight by the ACEC/MA Leadership Education Committee.  Co-chairs are Joanne Linowes of LXdi, and Ed Baumann of Alfred Benesch Co.  The LEC also includes:  Doug Reed of Foster Growth, Matt Belisle of Pare Corporation, Dana Green of CDM Smith, Marina Fernandes of Tighe&Bond, Joanne Scannell of CDW Consultants, plus Elizabeth Tyminski and Natalia Savantic of The Engineering Center.