The results of the enthusiastic roundtable discussions at the 2018 ACEC Emerging Leaders and Odyssey Alumni Event indicate that the incoming leadership in engineering firms might be well served to focus on key areas as firms grow into the future:

• Succession Planning
• Work-Life Balance
• Retaining Entry Level Personnel
• Impact of Technology (three votes)
• Nationalization of Firms/ Dealing with Acquisitions/Losing Localization
• Becoming a Commodity
• Staff Retention – all levels
• Strategic Partnerships
• Autonomous Design
• Growing Internal Staff
• Meeting Budgets

Deep dive discussion pinpointed two areas for investment to ensure design firm success: technology and employee retention. The ideas and specific recommendations report will be submitted to the ACEC/MA Board of Directors by the Leadership Education Committee, co-chairs Joanne Linowes and Ed Baumann, P.E. The article outlining this information will appear in the late fall Insights magazine from ACEC/MA.