Joanne to Present at CMAA National Conference

Joanne Linowes will present two sessions at the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) National Conference in Boston, March 31 to April 2, 2019.

In an info-packed 60-minute session, conference attendees will learn (Almost) Everything You Need to Know for a Polished AEC Presentation.

Those on a leadership track will discover Invisible Leadership Skills: Small Techniques that Make a Huge Impact.

Kristine Gorman of Jacobs, president of the Boston Chapter of CMAA, coordinated with Joanne.

New Year’s Special — 80 Minute Presentation Skills Seminar!

Now offering, until January 10, 2019 only, the efficient, complete 80-minute seminar on how to turn your regular presentation into an influential, memorable presentation. This lively and content-rich session provides proven, success-elements for structuring, enhancing, and delivering your message. Contact Joanne Linowes directly >< for scheduling and pricing. Only offered through January 10!

ACEC Emerging Leaders and Odyssey Alumni Speak-Up on Where Firms Need to Focus

The results of the enthusiastic roundtable discussions at the 2018 ACEC Emerging Leaders and Odyssey Alumni Event indicate that the incoming leadership in engineering firms might be well served to focus on key areas as firms grow into the future:

• Succession Planning
• Work-Life Balance
• Retaining Entry Level Personnel
• Impact of Technology (three votes)
• Nationalization of Firms/ Dealing with Acquisitions/Losing Localization
• Becoming a Commodity
• Staff Retention – all levels
• Strategic Partnerships
• Autonomous Design
• Growing Internal Staff
• Meeting Budgets

Deep dive discussion pinpointed two areas for investment to ensure design firm success: technology and employee retention. The ideas and specific recommendations report will be submitted to the ACEC/MA Board of Directors by the Leadership Education Committee, co-chairs Joanne Linowes and Ed Baumann, P.E. The article outlining this information will appear in the late fall Insights magazine from ACEC/MA.

BSCES Younger Member Group — The November 29 Program

Boston Society of Civil Engineers Younger Member Group will feature an encore workshop with Joanne Linowes on November 29 at CDM Smith, Boston. This second level presentation strategies program will blend lively lecture with engaging instructional activities to provide non-technical skills needed for engineers who are building their careers.

BSCES Younger Members Group: Program with Joanne Linowes

The BSCES Younger Members Group (YMG) October 17 program will feature a workshop that is back by popular demand.
Joanne Linowes will share her expertise on Presentation Skills for design professionals. This lively, interactive session is designed to provide specific techniques to enhance career advancement and weave business development into every presentation or meeting. Details and registration information are forthcoming from BSCES.

New Genesis Course Debuts in October

The ever-popular and valuable course, Genesis, offered by ACEC/Massachusetts Leadership Education Committee, debuts a Fall 2018 course. Three sessions, running during October, focus on an introduction to the business-side of the engineering profession — what makes firms successful and how the business operates. Designed specifically for those newer to the field, with 3-5 years experience, the course mirrors the February offering, with three topics: how a firm makes money, marketing and how firms get jobs, and how to engage in productive, interactive communications. Instructors are well-seasoned professionals who bring practical experience into the instructional setting. For information and registration, contact Elizabeth Tyminski at The Engineering Center in Boston.

Leadership Education Committee of ACEC/MA Explores Issues for Future Engineering Leaders

The June focus for the ACEC/MA Leadership Education Committee (LEC) is to address what types of continuing education initiatives best serve engineering firms as they build their workforce for tomorrow and create leaders of the profession. Energized discussions at the LEC Retreat and at events specifically for graduates of LEC courses will provide the foundation for designing and developing educational experiences for emerging leaders in engineering. New initiatives are expected to be put into place in 2019.
Co-chairs of the Leadership Education Committee are Ed Baumann of Alfred Benesch Co. and Joanne Linowes of Linowes Executive Development Institute, LLC.

Placemaking in Action: Hints for Success in a Controversial Community Meeting

The Boston Society of Architects, on March 26, 2018, 6:00pm

Joanne Linowes will present:

Placemaking in Action: Hints for Success in a Controversial Community Meeting

An energized community can make it challenging for you to present your design and neighborhood ideas and get the support you seek. This lively, interactive seminar offers specific techniques that allow you to share your ideas, mitigate the difficult responses, and encourage the community to feel heard so you can move your project to the next step.

ACEC/MA Emerging Leaders Course 2018!

Emerging Leaders, the course for design professionals with 8-12 years experience, runs February 28-April 11, 2018 in greater Boston. 

This seven-week program features professional development in the non-technical aspects of leading an engineering or architecture firm — from managing risk and leading people to government affairs and strategic planning.  This focus on the business-side of engineering and design helps you move your career from management into leadership.  Each session brings in expert leaders in their field who share their know-how and perspectives.

More information:  Joanne Linowes, co-chair, ACEC/MA Leadership Education Committee or Ed Baumann, co-chair, Alfred Benesch Co.


ACEC/MA Leadership Education GENESIS course runs throughout February 2018

The 2018 Genesis course, designed for young professionals with 2-5 years experience, runs during the month of February.  The sold-out course, held at CDM Smith in Boston, features three sessions on topics vital for those just starting out in engineering to learn about the business-side of the profession:  financials and how the firm works, marketing and business development and how a firm gets work, and communication for productive teams.

Courses in leadership education in Massachusetts have oversight by the ACEC/MA Leadership Education Committee.  Co-chairs are Joanne Linowes of LXdi, and Ed Baumann of Alfred Benesch Co.  The LEC also includes:  Doug Reed of Foster Growth, Matt Belisle of Pare Corporation, Dana Green of CDM Smith, Marina Fernandes of Tighe&Bond, Joanne Scannell of CDW Consultants, plus Elizabeth Tyminski and Natalia Savantic of The Engineering Center.