Topics for Training Programs, Private Coaching, and Professional Development

LXDi custom-designs the best training approach for you. These Top Twelve Training Topics provide guidelines for building your specific program.

The Top Twelve Training Topics (Click to Learn More):

  1. Give Impressive Presentations
  2. Win Shortlist Competitive Interviews
  3. Present Scientific or Technical Information with Impact
  4. Get Approvals from Boards, Commissions, Community, Stakeholders
  5. Empower the Project Manager for Marketing
  6. Engage All Employees to Help Build Business
  7. Use Real Skill in the Question & Answer Exchange
  8. Master Public Hearings & Community Meetings
  9. Make the Impression that Counts!
  10. Focused Information-Gathering
  11. Train Inhouse Experts to do Inhouse Training/Lunch-&-Learns
  12. Present Projects or Products for Funding


Give Impressive Presentations

This is the foundation for all the trainings. Skills from here are incorporated, as appropriate, into whatever other courses you select.
The Impressive Presentation: Ways to “Wow” Clients and Prospects

Level 1: Basic

Level 2: Advanced

  • Comprehensive strategies plus tricks-of-the-trade for high impact, professional presentations
  • Everything you need to know to become a polished presenter
  • Custom-tailored for every level – from inexperienced to seasoned
  • Includes:
    • Organize information, structure remarks
    • Deliver with ease and impact
    • Design and use visuals & graphics effectively
    • Use nonverbals, clothing, atmosphere and language
    • Use the psychology of audience appeal
    • Project competence and confidence
    • Add-in the sophisticated techniques that move your presentation from “just fine” to “remarkable”
    • Learn how to rehearse
  • Upon request: techniques for delivering conference and meeting presentations

Win Shortlist Competitive Interviews

Winning is the ONLY thing!

  • Specialized, proven, innovative techniques that influence decision-making and put your interview presentation over-the-top
  • Includes:
    • Organize content, organizing the team
    • Incorporate your competitive edge; distinguish your firm and team
    • Separate your team/firm from “the pack”
    • Choose, create and use appropriate visuals/graphics/animation/leave behinds/handouts
    • Project “teamness”
    • Sell your expertise
    • Decide who says what, timing, hand-offs

Present Scientific or Technical Information with Impact

  • Structure subject matter with precision
  • Explain complex information in a graspable way to lay persons and stakeholders
  • Create and use a range of appropriate and effective visuals. Design effective powerpoints
  • Deliver a precise and engaging presentation
  • Develop remarks geared specifically for conferences and meetings

Get Approvals from Boards, Commissions, Community, Stakeholders

  • Organize information for decision-making
  • Develop a compelling approach
  • Use persuasion to move decision-makers to take action
  • Learn to present for the goal of “one-and-done”

Empower the Project Manager for Marketing

  • Step-by-step guide for Project Managers as they venture into the unfamiliar roles of business development and marketing as part of regular project delivery
  • Includes:
    • Understand the unique, exciting role PMs play in marketing
    • Use regular project meetings as business development opportunities
    • Incorporate publicity and promotion strategies in job delivery
    • Encourage clients for repeat business
    • Apply personal communication skills as marketing techniques

Engage All Employees to Help Build Business

Bringing in Business is Everyone’s Business

Ways every person in the firm can weave marketing and business development into everyday just-doing-the-job

  • Practical, easy-to-acquire techniques that can be used immediately
  • Specific, focused hints for every person in the company, at every level
  • Includes:
    • Adopt the marketing mindset to help the company go-and-grow
    • Say the “right” thing, the “right” way
    • Create chemistry
    • Use public relations tactics
    • Sharpen individual communications skills

Use REAL Skill in the Question & Answer Exchange

In the Hot Seat: The Art & Magic of Q&A

  • Expert tips for maximizing success in the Q&A process so you can gain the advantage
  • Especially helpful for potentially “heated” meetings, competitive interviews, board approvals, stockholders meetings, investor/funder reviews, testifying
  • Includes:
    • Adapt your presentation to prevent certain questions
    • Implement tactics for how to respond
    • Use nonverbal cues
    • Reduce “tension” in the room
    • Position yourself for a productive exchange of ideas

Master Public Hearings & Community Meetings

  • Tactics for presenting your project or your client’s project for community acceptance or approval
  • Includes:
    • Develop focused content and “right” atmosphere
    • Create and use best-suited visuals
    • Prepare for the media
    • Use persuasive techniques
    • Orchestrate successful question-and-answers

Present Ideas Effectively

Beyond the Handshake: Making the Impression that Counts

  • Solid hints for making the impression that counts anytime you have information to share, formally or informally
  • Presentation and communications techniques to enhance your effectiveness in any meeting, in all design and technical presentations, interactions with legislators and decision-makers
  • Includes:
    • Target your message
    • Make your message stick!
    • Engage your listener(s)
    • Harness non-verbals and the meeting space
    • Distinguish yourself, your ideas, and your project/company
    • Establish the preferred approach towards the result you seek

Focused Information-Gathering

  • How to gather project and client information effectively, then synthesize it for targeted, influential presentations
  • Includes:
    • Explore the most valuable and useful types of information to gather
    • Learn hints for asking the “right” questions
    • Structure questions to yield the information you need and want
    • Turn the information into a targeted, on-point presentation

Train Inhouse Experts to do Inhouse Training or Lunch-&-Learns

  • Specific skills for in house staff who do your training or give occasional sessions
  • Ways to create and deliver more effective and productive training sessions, workshops, and seminars
  • For management, staff and personnel at every level who have expertise to share and need to effectively bring others up-to-speed
  • Includes:
    • Develop appropriate and achievable instructional objectives
    • Employ presentation techniques that engage listeners and motivate learning
    • Build-in techniques that foster information retention and reduce time
    • Make the unfamiliar become easily grasped

Present Projects or Products for Funding

  • Put presentation power behind your ideas
  • Design a distinctive approach so you present your proposals with impact
  • Engage funders or prospects through persuasive strategies to pique interest and encourage follow-up
  • Use information structure and nonverbal tactics to achieve the next step

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