Advance your Soft Skills with our Proprietary Techniques

LXDi specializes in exclusive approaches that hone the particular presentation skills you need to advance your ideas, your proposals, your business, your reputation, your career.

If you are a technical or design professional, you will find LXDi methods help you focus and structure your subject matter, giving your presentations an impressive makeover required for results:

For Architects, Civil and Structural Engineers, Construction Managers, Design Professionals

  • Win shortlist interviews
  • Get “yes” from planning boards, conservation commissions, agencies
  • Garner public support for projects, proposed plans
  • Build business and legislative support via effective presentations

For Scientists, Biotech Professionals

  • Make complex information graspable for lay decision-makers
  • Share findings so you align with stakeholders
  • Encourage funding to support your research and initiatives

For Interior Designers, Planners, Facilities Managers, Real Estate Developers, Commercial Real Estate Professionals

  • Deliver presentations at community or client meetings that make ‘one-and-done’ a reality
  • Move decision-makers to take action
  • Align your concepts, plans and approaches with client/neighborhood interests

For Technology Professionals, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers

  • Capture attention among potential funders
  • Explain technical ideas concisely and engagingly to lay persons
  • Demonstrate applications of your work to non-technical decision-makers
  • Spark enthusiasm for your projects among colleagues, stakeholders, officials