"Joanne's course was on point with my goals for professional development. She was an excellent speaker with excellent content. I will highly recommend her to others."

-Human Resources Manager, Greater Boston

"We would not have been successful without Joanne's guidance, training, coaching, and being part of our team."

-Owner/principal, engineering and construction company, Northeast

"I attended your talk and found the presentation EXTREMELY helpful as my role here has involved increasing amounts of public speaking. I will spread the word here in case other departments are interested in your training. We could all use it!"

-Program Coordinator, social services agency, greater Boston

"As a seminar leader and coach, Joanne Linowes is engaging, witty, and knowledgeable."

-Civil Engineer, Boston

"Aside from Joanne's excellent ability to improve team presentation and public speaking skills she is also an extremely valuable resource. Joanne was instrumental in taking our newly designed website to a tier 1 level. Her experience as a nationwide consultant gives her a rare perspective from which to view the business development and marketing world. Without hesitation I would recommend Joanne."

-BIM manager, construction company, New England

"This training program goes beyond even our greatest expectations. Joanne has changed our corporate culture and strengthened the business development abilities of every individual in the firm."

-Principal, A/E firm, Midwest

"Joanne's seminar made a big impression. . . Armed with the information [she] provided, our firm can be intentional about developing a fresh presentation that can better showcase the technical expertise and personalities of our team to potential clients. It will be exciting to see how [her] techniques are applied and to watch this unfold."

-Business Manager, design firm, Ft Worth

"A must attend for anyone involved in presentations (either internally or externally). In short, I think every professional should take this presentations course. Joanne did an exceptional job."

-Project Manager, Sacramento, CA

"This program was well organized and valuable for every level in the audience--from a new marketing person to the CEO."

-Principal, ENR Top 500 firm

"Covered a lot of ground in a short period. Joanne's experience in our industry is a real plus because it grounded theory with real life."

-Marketing Principal, ENR Top 100 design firm

"This program was well organized and valuable for every level in the audience--from a new marketing person to the CEO."

-Principal, ENR 500 firm, Northeast

"I took your course and I want you to know that the last four interviews I went on, we won every job."

-Project Manager, Construction, Holyoke, MA

"Overall excellent workshop. Fun, informative, energetic, enthusiastic. I took home some great hints!"

-Marketing Director, A/E Firm, Boston

"Thank you for your thought provoking class and for motivating my team. I would highly recommend you to others who need motivational, energetic, and stimulating management training."

-State official, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

"A program had to be put in place at the company to turn things around and stop the free-fall. . . . Joanne Linowes is credited with being instrumental (via staff marketing awareness and skill training) in turning around the company's fortunes and making them more suited to what it takes to get work in an increasingly competitive environment."

-CEO, engineering company, Ohio

"Joanne's guidance, as always was invaluable in helping crystallize the message and get it down so we can get it out with impressive results."

-Senior Vice President and Principal, ENR Top 100 Firm

"Excellent instructor for a very difficult topic to teach."

-Project Manager, A/E firm, Northern California

"[Joanne's] presentation hit the right message and the steps [the firm's principals] need to follow. I received strong feedback not just about [Joanne's] content, but also how clear [her] delivery was on intangible presentation techniques. [The principals] especially enjoyed the critique. Truly energetic, charming and exciting presentation."

-Marketing Officer, architecture firm, Chicago

"Dynamic and full of information I could use. I will put this to use in the very near future. Truly energetic, charming and exciting presentation."

-AIA National Convention 2005

"I have to say I'm extremely impressed with your marketing and how "present" LXDI has become in our industry."

-CEO, engineering firm, CT

"I learned about things I know as a manager but sometimes forget, like the importance of developing personal business relationships and making an outstanding first impression. I am motivated to follow Joanne's guidelines."

-Project Manager, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

"Your guidance was invaluable. I finally had the presentation completed late Wednesday evening and was able to quickly put together my "diamond". Once that was done my nervousness evaporated. Thank you so much for your expert advice and patience. You have a very effective program."

-Senior Associate, ENR Top 500 design firm

"Your project manager was wonderful. Poised, practiced, and professional. You did a wonderful job helping prepare him. Thank you. You have helped everyone at our firm understand the level of preparation and practice that is required to "win" work."

-Principal & owner, engineering and construction company, Northeast

"The class you conducted included managers and supervisors who were seasoned professionals along with others who were relatively new to management. You handled the combination of varying skills with ease and created a class that was beneficial to all the participants. I am so pleased with your ability to customize this fantastic management training to our agency's specific needs."

-State official, Massachusetts

"Joanne has provided classes in making presentations at my firm for more than a decade and is universally revered for the benefits she can provide to both beginners and experienced speakers. She helped my team and me prepare for a presentation for a long-shot project and without Joanne, we would not have been selected – unanimously . . . I would use Joanne again … and again."

-Senior Associate, ENR Top 100 engineering firm

"Joanne does not disappoint. Her seminars are an adventure and filled with good advice!"

-ACEC national meeting, Washington, DC

"Joanne's professional development programs are very informative and interactive. New information for us to incorporate into our current plans--very usable and sensible material."

-CEO, Boston-area construction company

"A must attend for anyone involved in presentations (either internally or externally). In short, I think every professional should take this presentations course. Joanne did an exceptional job."

-Project Manager, ENR Top 300 company, Sacramento, CA

"Joanne was excellent -- Topic was well presented and relevant."

-Project Manager, Midwest, AIA National Convention

"It WAS an impressive [mini-workshop at the] board meeting - interesting, fun and productive."

-Board member, Boston-area nonprofit